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Are tarot cards and horoscopes linked?

Tarot and Astrology are two powerful divinatory methods that can be combined to provide a better understanding of different aspects of a person's life. Thus, each sign of the zodiac corresponds to a major arcana of the traditional Tarot. These associations allow the consultant to deepen his knowledge and better define the main characteristics of a person. To know everything about your emotional life and your professional life, check out our free online tarot reading on the site.

Tarot and astrology are complementary

Astrology and tarot have many points in common; the two main convergences are the power of symbolism and the value of interpretation. These two esoteric arts are therefore easily adapted to each other and mutually enrich each other. Astrology and the Tarot are ageless, two methods of divination and reflection. Together they form the perfect duo for self-discovery. Did you know that each sign of the zodiac corresponds in the Tarot to a major arcana? Knowing the map that suits you can improve your astrological knowledge. In addition, you can deepen your own knowledge by reading the characteristics of each card, their strength and symbolism.

The influence of Astrology in the interpretation of tarots

Since the last years, the tarot knows an incredible craze. Its symbolism is very rich and curiously similar to that of astrology: there are surprising similarities, for example four elements as there are four minor card colors, but also typological and planetary correspondences, and more. There is a link between astrology and tarots. This link is very old since astrology is the first known means and used to try to predict the future, the Tarot has largely drawn. It will be enough to quote the cards "the Sun" and "the Moon" to be convinced of it. If you have a copy of your birth chart, try to learn how to use the powerful interaction of astrology and Tarot: first, locate the dominant sign in each of the 12 homes of your natal chart. Then write down the name of the corresponding Tarot card next to each house. Finally, do you represent the symbol or character of the living map? in this house, and you will see your theme come to life!


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